FTA full text

A full text in Arabic is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Web site: http://www.maec.gov.ma/Arabe/ALE/


1. Initial Provisions and Definitions

2. Market Access

3. Agriculture

4. Textiles and Apparel

5. Rules of Origin

6. Customs Administration

7. Technical Barriers to Trade

8. Safeguards

9. Government Procurement

10. Investment

11. Cross-Border Trade in Services

12. Financial Services

13. Telecommunications

14. Electronic Commerce

15. Intellectual Property Rights

16. Labor

17. Environment

18. Transparency

19. Administration of the Agreement

20. Dispute Settlement

21. Exceptions

22. Final Provisions

Annex I (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)

Annex II (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)

Annex III (Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures)

Annex IV (Goods Schedule)

Other Documents